ACP BILLING SERVICES INC, is a Medical Billing Services company in Orlando, Florida, USA with over 13 years of Medicare & Commercial insurance experience.  Our full service healthcare solutions focused on maximizing return on investment, increasing revenues, decreasing re-admissions and improving productivity for our valuable clients. We do this by providing low-cost, onshore and offshore business solutions for U.S. healthcare providers, Hospital groups and Medical Billing companies.

We provide Medical Billing and Coding Services for Hospitals and Providers. Our Coding team has undergone extensive training in numerous specialties. Our coding services offer several benefits to you, which includes:

  • Increased Cash Flow – Less Rejected Claims
  • Certified coding resources
  • You Are Only Charged For What We Collect
  • Reduce administrative expenses
  • Complete Scalability
  • Advantageous Pricing Structure
  • Avoid no pay and low-pay
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Decrease overhead expenses