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Ensured Security and Privacy

What is Hipaa Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, also known as HIPAA. Is a set of regulatory standards that outline the lawful use and and disclosure or affects the privacy and security of Protected Health Information (PHI) and ePHI (electronic PHI). HIPAA compliance is regulated by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and enforced by the Office of Civil Rights (OCR).

According to the Compliancy Group, the 2020 Total HIPAA Fines have already totaled over 12 Million dollars. A HIPAA violation can cost medical practices hefty fines for noncompliance. At ACP Billing Services, we take HIPAA Compliance seriously.


HIPAA Is Federal Law

It requires all health personnel to be educated about HIPAA policies and procedures. It includes anyone who does or might have access to any PHI.

To Protect The Privacy Of Anyone

HIPAA laws exist to protect the privacy of anyone receiving any kind of medical care or assistance. These laws are strict and if all members of your practice are unaware of their restrictions, it can result in consequences such as fines or even criminal charges.

Information Security And Confidentiality

HIPAA is designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the healthcare system by standardizing the electronic data for specified administrative and financial transactions, while protecting the security and confidentiality of that information.

Effective Compliance Program

The HHS office of Inspector General (OIG) created the Seven Elements of an Effective Compliance Program to give guidance to organizations on their compliance programs.


To Establish HIPAA Compliance

Disaster Recovery Plan

Perform Annual HIPAA Training

Establish Employee Computer Policies

Train All Employees on HIPAA

Securely Setup An Off Site Data Backup

Create Employee and Patient Forms

Monitor Employee’s Computer Software

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