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ACP Billing Services is a full-service Revenue Cycle Management company based in Orlando, Florida. With over 13 years of Medicare & Commercial insurance experience, our medical billing services and healthcare solutions focus on maximizing your return on investment, increasing revenue, decreasing re-admissions, and improving productivity. We do this by providing low-cost, onshore and offshore business solutions for U.S. healthcare providers, Hospital groups, and Medical Billing Companies.

Easy-To-Start Onboarding Process

Every business is different. At ACP Billing Services we understand the importance of your business. Our easy-to-start onboarding process requires No Setup Fees, No Training Fees, and includes 24-hour support, daily financial and tracking reports, and customizable solutions for every business model. With each client’s unique performance and financial goals, we easily adapt to your procedures, improve procedures, and provide ongoing transparency into every step of your revenue cycle.

Certified Professional Coders

Medical coding standards, regulations and requirements within the current healthcare environment, are best met by medical coders, certified in Specialty practices, according to the We provide Medical Billing and Coding Services for Hospitals, multi-specialty Physician Offices, Clinics, and Outpatient Facilities. Our dedicated Coding Team has undergone extensive training in numerous specialties and is AAPC Certified. Our staff members are Certified Professional Coders (CPC®) and Certified Inpatient Coders (CIC®). With the right Coding Team, your business will benefit from correct applications of ICD-10, CPT®, HCPCS Level II, and modifier coding assignments.


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